Feijoada Hot Sauce





Smoky Brazilian Hotness

Feijoada™ (fayzh-wah-duh) hot sauce goes well with everything and it is beyond delicious with eggs, frittatas, omelets, quiches, collard greens, chili, tacos, fajitas, burritos, empanadas and for a spicy hamburger with bacon.


Feijoada, a bean stew with smoked meats, has been Brazil's national dish for centuries where it is made with black beans. However, Feijoada is not just a dish, but a small feast, a party that Brazilians have been enjoying through the centuries. It is served from summer to summer, from the most inexpensive bars to the most sophisticated restaurants. What really matters is the occasion: a celebration, the anticipation of the weekend or a Sunday gathering with family and friends.


Let Samba Flavor's Feijoada hot sauce with Black Beans and Brazilian Chili Peppers take you to South America thru a unique blend of spicy smoky unexpected flavors!