Juicy Chimichurri Brined Pork Chops

Let us help you make perfect pork chops, every time. They don’t have to be dry, sawdusty things! Follow these steps to juicy and delicious fail-proof chimichurri pork chops.


  1. Thick chops are best for the grill. Look for 1-1.5 inch thick chops. We even sometimes buy the loin and then slice it to this thickness for an equally pleasing result.
  2. Brine the chops. This is essential because brining brings a tenderness to the meat you can’t achieve otherwise. To do this, pour warm water in your brining container. A casserole dish will do just fine. Add one packet of SambaFlavor Chimichurri Seasoning and one additional teaspoon of salt and stir it until the salt dissolves.
  3. Submerge the chops. The water should just cover the surface of the meat. Let the chops rest in the refrigerator for a minimum of one hour, but longer is better. Four hours yields a wonderful result.
  4. Set the brining chops on the counter long enough for them to reach room temperature. When you’re ready to grill, just pour off the brine.
  5. Sear the chops on high heat to get lovely grill marks and seal in the juices. Then move them to a cooler area of the grill to allow the center to come to temperature.




* Once upon a time, the recommended internal temperature of pork was 165 degrees. Recently, the food safe temperature for pork has been lowered to 155 degrees. This makes a big difference, and allows you to enjoy a juicier finished product than you did when you were a kid! Cook until the internal temperature reaches 155, and then remove from the grill but LET THE PORK REST FOR 10 MINUTES before serving. This will allow for a juicier meat. Make sure you use a thermometer, so you are safe. Enjoy!!

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