Delicioso Chimichurri™ Sauce


Variety Kebabs with Delicioso Chimichurri™ Sauce

SambaFlavor Delicioso Chimichurri sauce is an artisanal gourmet product. Its unique formulation uses lemon juice and our signature blend of gourmet spices that gives our sauce a fresh flavor profile only comparable to homemade. Delicious like no other, SambaFlavor Delicioso Chimichurri sauce is a fresh burst of flavor for your gourmet grilling!

- Delicioso Chimichurri™ sauce is great with chicken, pork, veggies and seafood!

- It is perfect with steaks!

- Made with Organic Herbs and Lemon Juice!

- All Natural, NO preservatives added, NO MSG, Non-GMO Oil!

- Check Delicioso Chimichurri’s Amazon Customer Reviews

- For a mildly hot pepper flavor try Jalapeno Chimichurri!


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